Hélium by DUVIVIER

Hélium.jpgHélium is the most popular sofa design from the highly-respected manufacturer, Duvivier of France. The classic and elegant shape of Hélium is right at home in a contemporary  as well as  traditional home. Its modest scale, available in three sizes as well as a an armchair, suits an old apartment in Paris as well as a modern, space-challenged condominium anywhere!

Like all Duvivier designs, equal attention is paid to quality of raw materials, the skill of the craftsmen and craftswomen, as well as the overall design. All frames are hand-made in-house of solid Beechwood and multi-ply Beechwood panels to ensure long-term strength and rigidity. A patented double bearing stainless steel suspension (SPD Suspension) guarantees a unique, progressive comfort, without any of the noise common in older spring systems. Hélium is available in 239 fabrics as well as 36 smooth and nubuck leathers. Duvivier is devoted to only using the finest upholstery leathers, produced by France’s finest upholstery leather tannery since 1927, known as Remy Carriat. Much the same as how a winemaker knows that the soil and climate affect the quality of a fine wine, Carriat only selects  young European bullhides with a high collagen and elastin content to ensure  leather that remains supple without stretching, for a lifetime.

We invite you to visit our showroom to see Hélium and other favorites designs from Duvivier, and touch and feel the leather equivalent of a Premier cru Bordeaux!

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