The 7-Zone Royal-Pedic Tufted Mattress

RLX MATT AD lighter 5.jpgRarely does a manufacturer leave unchanged a product for more than 25 years, but this is the case with Royal-Pedic’s 7-Zone Royal Latex Mattress.
Unlike mass-market mattresses made by well-known brands, this mattress is entirely hand-made of sustainable materials- natural Talalay-process latex from the rubber tree, and breathable, unbleached, undyed cotton. The natural latex core is composed of 7 zones of varying flexibility, so follow one’s body curves, especially for side sleeping.

And this is a two-sided mattress, like all of Royal-Pedic’s products, to offer a much longer useable life than so-called “no flip” mattresses. And because there is no polyurethane foam or puffy polyester padding, one can expect to keep the 7 Zone Royal Latex Mattress at least 10-15 years. Personally, we have several of these mattresses in our home that are over 20 years old and still comfortable.

Unlike synthetic, mass-market mattresses, which are made with off-gassing adhesives to hold the padding layers in place, this Royal-Pedic mattress is assembled using traditional tufting straps to keep the natural padding in place, without the need for toxic glue. We have always thought that the place where one spends 1/3 of one’s life  should be entirely free of petroleum-derived glues, foams and fibers, and that is a value that is also held by Royal-Pedic.

We show the 7-Zone Royal Latex mattress above on a boxspring base, but it may also be placed on a slatted platform base without boxspring, for a slightly firmer feel. The bed frame shown is our VERUS Cherrywood New Classic Sleigh.

We ship worldwide.


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