The Trestle Table

NATURAL EDGE TRESTLE TABLE.jpgOur VERUS © Natural Edge Trestle Table is a contemporary take on a very old table from the Middle Ages. Back then, each trestle end had a third “foot”,  which meant each trestle could be moved to allow very long top boards to be used. Our preference is to keep the floor as clear as possible and out of the way of feet. In fact, when we design your table, trestle or otherwise, we always take into account the size and number of chairs to be accommodated.We don’t just design our tables to please the eyes, but also to please the knees! And of course, we don’t have “standard” sizes or design details for our tables at Form & Function, any more than homes have “standard” sized rooms. We build to suit your needs, not our manufacturing efficiencies. And as always, professional interior design assistance is offered to help you edit your options.

The table shown above was crafted from Eastern Black Cherrywood (Prunus serotina), sometimes referred to as the queen of North American hardwoods, with an Eastern Walnut ( Juglans nigra) cross-stretcher. We use only the highest quality of Cherrywood available, from the best region for this species, the Allegheny plateau in Pennsylvania. And we don’t buy “market quality” lumber, even at the highest grade, because the timber is only graded for minimum width of 5″, and lack of major defect. We purchase very large entire Cherrywood (and Walnut) logs, cut edge to edge to yield the natural bark edge, which we can keep in tact or trim. And each board is numbered and kept in sequence, so that the colour and grain match in each finished table, chair or cabinet reflects the way the tree grew. If you look at the table top above, you may see that it was made of only two very wide boards, perfectly matched as they came out of one log. You will never see a crack or split in a Verus© table; no matter how cleverly such defects are “corrected” with butterfly joints – spilled wine will always find those defects! This attention to detail may seem a little esoteric, but consider the lexicon of winemakers and, increasingly, craft beer makers. We think the nuances of fine hardwood furniture deserve at least the same attention!

We ship worldwide.



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