The VERUS Breadboard Table

VERUS breadboard table designed and built by Form & Function

Through-mortise and corbel

Breadboard detail with Walnut pins

For more than 15 years, our VERUS Breadboard Table has been a favorite design at Form & Function.

The Arts and Crafts details like the apron tenons brought through and exposed on each leg, and the corbel supports, reference a solidity and strength, key elements of this style.
The breadboard ends are uniquely joined by square Walnut pins, which connect these elements in a “floating joint,” without any glue needed. In fact, the breadboard ends cannot be fastened with glue or else the table top will not be able to expand and contract, as solid wood does throughout seasonal weather changes. The Breadboard table shown including top, apron and corbel supports has been hand-crafted in our workshop, using three sequentially-sawn Cherry boards from the same massive Black Cherry log. This technique allows us to offer perfect matching grain and colour. The legs have been cut from one Cherry board, 3″ thick, to ensure there are no unsightly lamination lines to interrupt the flow of grain. At Form & Function, we have no “standard” sizes for this table or any of our other table designs. We build it to suit the room size and number of people, and it may be a fixed size or it may have one or multiple leaves. We can build it without the corbels or through-tenons for a more contemporary room, the legs can be tapered for a lighter look, and even the top thickness can be varied to suit the scale of the space. To learn more about this table, or to inquire about other pieces, please contact us.