Everything old is new again!

In 1907 Marshall Burms Lloyd  invented a process to weave twisted kraft paper around steel wire, thereby revolutionizing the wicker industry. Throughout the first half of the 20th century, Lloyd Loom furniture set the standard for extremely durable, comfortable and weather-resistant woven furnture.

At Form & Function, we are pleased to present the complete line of Lloyd Loom furniture for indoors and out, currently produced in Britain by Lloyd Loom of Spalding.

The outdoor range is made with stainless steel wire and a special UV-resistant material called Rehau cord, produced in Germany and rugged enough to be left outdoors year round but elegant enough to be used indoors.

The indoor range we receive “in the white”, that is without finish. This is allows us to finish your Lloyd Loom in wood stains to match your cabinetry or furniture, or in any colour from any paint manufacturer. This includes, of course, the Farrow and Ball range from England!

We invite you to click on the “Lloyd Loom of Spalding” link at the bottom of this page to see the entire design range.


The VERUS Bow-End Table, Curly Black Cherry (Prunus serotina)

Our VERUS Bow-End Table is a variation of our 1989 Shaker-influenced Canterbury Table. The added details include 2 bread-boarded, bow-end pieces  attached to each end of the table top using dry-fitted tenons which are “pinned” by square pegs of Black Walnut.  There is no glue used, so the joint can move with the seasons. This shows a delightful “evidence of the hand”, rarely seen in factory-made furniture. It requires a very skillful hand to execute perfectly. One slip of the square-mortising chisel and the top is ruined! The legs are also given a little added dimension in the top section.

The table shown is a fixed size, which we build to suit the room  size and number of chairs to be accomodated. Like all of our VERUS tables, it is also available with one or multiple leaves in any width or length. Not sure of the optimum size for your room or not-yet-built room? Just call and talk to Susan!  She lives and breathes space-planning, and will gladly help with your architect’s or builder’s floor plans. If its an existing room, she always suggests a visit to check dimensions, scale of the room and details of any existing furniture.

Bye bye brass, hello Cherrywood and glass

Lynne’s bright and shiny brass & glass coffee table has found a new home, and we think her new Elizabeth Cherrywood (Prunus serotina) conversation table is adjusting very nicely to its new home. We gave George Johnstone a break from all the heavy dininig tables he’s been making, and he enjoyed fitting the mitred top together beautifully, and making sure the 10mm bevelled glass insert fitted exactly.

A Haven indoors or out.


Barlow Tyrie’s outdoor “Haven Chair” is built to withstand any weather, any season, any where.

After our finisher, Sakib, waves his magic finishing wand, it looks great as an indoor chair that doesn’t overwhelm a small space. Shown with the matching footstool.

(The footstool just looks a little larger than it is; we forgot the telephoto lens at home.)

New Elizabeth Bar Stool

We’ve been building our Elizabeth Chair for a number of years, but this is our first Elizabeth Bar Stool. Under the watchful eye of Ian Johnstone, our newest team member, Nick Blacklaws,did a beautiful job of building a matched pair of Curly Cherrywood stools.

Although this quick pic is of one of the stools just 2 days old, you can easily see the curly figure starting to show. This will develop over the next year or two to show the spectacular result of  carefully-matched Curly Black Cherrywood  (Prunus serotina).

Enjoy your gorgeous new bar stools, Rob!