The Birth Of A Table

This is an example of a beautiful Black Cherrywood log which we recently purchased. You can see that it has been sawn into a number of planks of even thickness, ideal for a large dining table or two. We are very fortunate to have a close relationship  with a family-owned sawmill located near the finest sustainably-harvested Black Cherrywood in the world. Their sawing method, known as “through and through sawing”, yields maximum width boards which are perfectly matched in grain and colour. This allows us to build table tops, cabinet drawer faces etc. of very wide, matched boards, completely different from even the highest grades of factory-built furniture. The logs we buy are also far above North American “grading rules”. In fact, our log buyer competes with veneer log buyers who choose only the crème de la crème of hardwood logs. Do all these considerations make for furniture that is stronger or more durable? Not necessarily; that is up to the skill of the furniture maker as he planes, edge-joints and assembles a piece of furniture. But it certainly produces a more beautiful result, with each Cherrywood board flowing harmoniously into the next. It also allows the finisher to bring out the colour and natural figure of the wood without the need for stains, since the colour is matched perfectly.

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